Acurex Compact 501 Bottletop Dispenser, Adjustable Volume, for Reagents, Diluted Acids, and Solvents

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The Acurex Compact 501 Low Profile Bottletop Dispenser allows for manual volume adjustment across 4 volume sets. There are models with volume dispensing options from as low as 0.2-2.0mL and up to 1-30mL. Additionally there are 3 bottle volume capacities from 500mL, 1000mL, and 2000mL. This bottletop dispenser will ship from one of our US warehouses same day or next day if in stock and comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

About Acurex Compact 501 

The bottletop dispenser features integrated dosing mechanism, retractable graduated column to reduce height, and is fully autoclavable. This simple design is compatible with many chemical solutions. The materials in contact with any liquid flow excludes any metals.   

Kit Includes

  • Bottletop Dispenser
  • Bottle
  • Retractable Graduated Column

About the Manufacturer

Wheaton offers many other dispenser lines including the Calibrex 520, Calibrex 525 Organo, and Calibrex 530 Solutae.

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