BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser, Analog, Adjustable Volume, for Acids and Bases

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This Seripettor bottletop dispenser allows for manual volume adjustment across 3 volume sets. There are models with volume dispensing options from as low as 0.2-2 mL and up to 2.5 - 25 mL. This bottletop dispenser will ship from one of our US warehouses same day or next day if in stock and comes with a 1 year warranty, often lasting up to 15 years with regular care and cleaning.

BrandTech has been manufacturing premium bottletop dispensers for over 50 years and is a leader in the industry. They manufacture several lines of dispensers including the Seripettor, Seripettor Pro, Dispensette S, Dispensette S Organic, and Dispensette S Trace Analysis. The brand is well known in the industry for its wide range of chemical compatibility, dependability, and durability.

Choose the Seripettor for an economical dispenser for commonly used reagents and crystallizing media.

The Seripettor is an ideal choice for labs dispensing crystallizing media, or labs where maintenance responsibility is shared due to the innovative replaceable piston cylinder cartridge. The seripettor is suitable for many common liquids found in Biology laboratories: bases; buffers; culture media; hydrogen peroxide; or dilute, non-oxidizing acids. Even sodium azide solutions can be dispensed, something that destroys more expensive dispensers.

Materials in the Bottletop Dispenser that will come into contact with the media being dispensed include piston cylindar cartridge that is easily replaced.

Kit Includes:
Bottletop dispenser
Spare dispensing cartridge
Discharge tube
Filling tube
Polypropylene adapters: GL 45/33 and GL 45/S40

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Additional Information

Vapor Pressure Limits:
500 mbar
Density Limits:
2.2 g/cm3
Temperature of Use:
15 - 40 C
Viscosity limits for 2mL Unit:
300 mm2/s
Viscosity limits for 10mL Unit:
150 mm2/s
Viscosity limits for 25mL Unit:
75 mm2/s
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