Calibrex Organo 525 Bottletop Dispenser, Adjustable Volume, with Flow Control Stopcock, for Acid Base and Organic

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The Calibrex Organo 525 bottletop dispenser from Socorex has a flow control stockcock for recycled recirculation of the liquid without contamination. This model allows for manual volume adjustment across 7 volume sets. There are models with volume dispensing options from as low as 0.1-1.0mL and up to 10-100mL. This bottletop dispenser will ship from one of our US warehouses same day or next day if in stock and comes with a 2 year warranty.

About Calibrex 525 Organo

This bottletop dispenser has a ground glass plunger. This design makes it ideal for dispensing of organics and non-crystallizing acid and base solutions. This dispenser features materials that is chemically inert, an integrated calibration system, and is autoclavable fully assembled.  

Kit Includes

  • Bottletop Dispenser
  • Flow Control Stopcock
  • Volume Adjustment Button 
  • 120mm Delivery Jet and Stopper
  • 350mm Filling Tube
  • Operating Instructions 
  • QC Certificate
  • Threaded adapters: 
    • 32mm, 38mm, and 40mm

About the Manufacturer

Socorex bottletop dispensers offer reproducibility of <0.1% and Accuracy of <+/-0.6%. There is another manufacture line of dispensers including the Calibrex Organo 525 without Control Stopcock and Calibrex Solutae 530 with and without Control Stopcock.

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