About Us

At BottletopDispensers.net, we specialize in liquid dispensing of various liquids raging from Acids, Bases, Organics, HF acid, essential oils, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, etc. Our goal is to provide customers with a buying guide coupled with a curated bottletop dispenser portfolio that caters to customers with a wide budget range. From economy models to more expensive selection, we cover option for your budget and research requirements. Throughout the history of research, people have used many methods for liquid handling. For a safe, precise, and repetitive dispensing of chemicals, a bottletop dispenser is an essential tool in any laboratory. 
We carry dispensers from leading brands in the industry including BrandTech, Brinkmann, Hirschmann, LH Technologies, Eppendorf, Wheaton, Socorex, Labnet, and Scilogex. As authorized reseller and distributor we have access to the complete dispenser product line with accessories, and spare parts. 
Our experts are available to help customers over the phone, email, chat, or in-person. If you need one dispenser or 100 dispensers, our relationships with Brand owners allow us to offer you the right products at the most competitive market place. 
We appreciate your interest and look forward to helping you find your next bottle top dispenser. 
BottletopDispensers.Net is a subsidiary of Kite Scientific, LLC