Scilogex 73120105 iFlow Motorized Bottletop Dispenser with Touch Screen Control, Single and Multi Dispense Mode

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The Scilogex iFlow Motorized Bottletop Dispensers with Touch Screen Module for easy programming is a safe, accurate and precise way to dispensing of bases, saline solutions, acids and some organic solvents. Please consult the chemical the compatibilty chart for compatible liquids and permissible concentrations. This dispenser supports both single dispense and multi dispense modes and can be used to dispense liquid volumes from 0.1ml to 99.99ml in increments of 0.1 mL. Easily program your desired dispense mode by using the touch screen display. You can also choose either the fixed position dispense nozzle or the adjustable dispensing nozzle with flexible tube. A recirculation feature minimizes waste when priming. The iFlow has an accuracy of 0.6% and a precision of 0.2% of the dispensed volume in the single dispense mode. It was an accuracy of 0.5% and a precision of 0.3% of the dispensed volume in the multi-dispense mode. The iFlow is totally portable and can be recharged in 4 hours providing approximately 5 hours usage. Alternatively the 110-240V multi-voltage power adapter can be used for uninterupted use.

About the iFlow Dispenser

Choose the Scilogex iFlow Electronic Motorized Digital Bottletop Dispensers for automated, safe, accurate and precise dispensing of bases, saline solutions, acids and some organic solvents.Choose the iFlow for automation of your liquid dispensing needs in high volume production or manufacturing applications. Perfect for the perfume industry, essential oils, and other manufacturing or production of small volume amounts with non-aggressive liquids. Materials in the Bottletop Dispenser that will come into contact with the media being dispensed include BSG, PTFE, FEP and the PP anti-drop cap.

Kit Includes

  • Bottletop Dispenser 
  • Manual 
  • Corded remote control
  • Display module for volume selection and programming
  • Adjustable titrating nozzle with flexible legnth tube
  • 45mm plus adapters (GL25, GL28, GL32, GL38 & S40mm) to fit all common lab bottles

About the Manufacturer

Scilogex has specialized in economical liquid handling products for routine lab use for over 10 years. Simple, straight-forward liquid handling products with easy to use design is their specialty.

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